As all eyes close, the dark eye opens…

“Everyone I love is gone. Penny, my sister Cassie, and now my dad too. Ever since I arrived in Meridia Falls, a sinister magic has ripped away any hint of happiness. It’s like I’m one step away from falling into an abyss of despair.

But everything is not lost. I have new friends, friends I can trust.

And there is hope too.

We’ve found my beloved Penny. She’s a prisoner in a secret vault under Stonehenge. All we need to do is rescue her and I will be complete again.

Trouble is, as well as making new friends, I’ve made new enemies. Enemies intent on using me for their own dark needs. As Penny waits frozen in time, these enemies threaten to steal my very soul.”

Join Logan as the search for his beloved Penny reaches a gripping climax in the MERIDIA FALLS Series 1 Finale!


THE DARK is the Series 1 Finale, in the alternate timeline spanning, MERIDIA FALLS Urban Fantasy Thriller series. It will give you that thrill ride of fast paced, event TV. Twists and turns that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but have you clinging to it for dear life.


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